What We Do

Our Recent Programmes :

  • Free Eye camp


  • Free Dental Camp


  • Free Distribution of spectacles
  • Distribution of study materials to poor Children.
  • Guiding and helping patients who need Cataract Operations
  • Paying college fee for nursing and college education
  • Visiting prisoners and distributing gifts


Future Projects – Home for the Aged and Orphans:

The Angel Educational Charitable Trust has set its sights on building a home for the aged and for orphans.

Clearing the thorny bushes from the land

Land Site Details :

  • Located in the suburbs of Chennai, India
  • Two acres of prime undeveloped land
  • Conveniently located just 5 km from the nearest hospital, college and school should anyone need medical assistance, or for the children to go to school

Currently we are seeking donations, and hope you will give generously to this project. Every cent counts, as it will help touch and transform many lives. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this note. Please do circulate to all your family and friends this request for generous donations….it is for a good cause. God bless.

Future Direction of the Trust :

  • Initially set up to give poor children an opportunity to have an education, now the Trust has set its sights on other areas to help the local community.
  • Its primary objective is to continue to give educational aid to the poor and disadvantaged children
  • To help the elderly by giving them food and medicines
  • To help the poor and disadvantaged by organizing medical camps particularly for dental and eye care
  • To build a home for the elderly and orphans